Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scientific Landmarks

Consider the following highly selective list of important landmarks in science during Dvořák’s lifetime:
- 1846: founding of the Smithsonian Institution
- 1856: Henry Bessemer perfects his process for converting iron into steel
- 1858: the first trans-Atlantic telegraph
- 1859: Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species
- 1867: Alfred Nobel patents dynamite
- 1869: completion of the first American transcontinental railroad (Dvořák loved trains)
- 1876: Alexander Graham Bell perfects the telephone
- 1877: Thomas Edison develops the phonograph (and in 1879 the light bulb)
- 1886: Karl Benz patents his first automobile, the Motorwagen
- 1888: George Eastman patents the Kodak camera
- 1895: Guglielmo Marconi develops the wireless telegraph, fore-runner of radio
- 1903: the Wright Brothers’ first flight
Such a time it would have been to be a science journalist!
--Betsy Schwarm

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