Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Music in the Blood

Dvořák’s heritage is carried on today by Josef Suk III (b. 1929), his great-grandson via Dvořák’s daughter Otylie and her husband, composer Josef Suk I. A gifted violinist and violist, Suk III has recorded and performed in concert with most of the top figures in music for the past sixty years. His repertoire ranges from Mozart to Alban Berg and does not neglect that of the best known member of his family. His recent CD “Songs my Great-Grandfather Taught Me” is a collection of Dvořák songs transcribed for violin or viola with piano. The selections with viola were performed on Dvořák’s own personal viola, released for the occasion from the museum where it resides. One likes to imagine that the instrument felt at home in Suk’s hands.

To see Suk in action, go to either of these You Tube links; both have him performing Dvořák’s music.

Josef Suk playing the first movement of Dvorak’s Violin Concerto:

Josef Suk playing the second movement of Dvorak’s Violin Sonatina:

--Betsy Schwarm

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