Friday, January 14, 2011

Dvořák and Trains

Music and family were not Dvořák’s only love:  trains, too, were a favorite.   Free afternoons in Prague were often spent at the central train station, where he was on a first name basis with the engineers and diligently tracked favorite locomotives as they came and went.  During his years in New York City, he sought the same diversion at Grand Central Station, but found himself denied such close contact.  Still, he could watch for locomotives, and if academic obligations prevented a personal visit, he might dispatch students to bring a report.  Those report generally lacked the detail that a true locomotive aficionado desired, but apparently were better than nothing for keeping in touch with his hobby. 

On Saturday, January 15, the Colorado Railroad Museum will host "All Aboard: Dvořák Explores the New World." The event celebrates Dvořák's love of trains and his music. Betsy Schwarm will be speaking and the Opera Colorado Young Artists will be performing. More information available at

--Betsy Schwarm

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