Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big news during Dvořák's life

The Statue of Liberty being assembled in Paris
Another highly selective list, this time of important historic events during Dvořák’s lifetime:

- 1848: revolutions in Europe, in the wake of the publishing of The Communist Manifesto
- 1849: the California Gold Rush (Colorado’s was in 1859)
- 1857-58: Indian Mutiny against British rule
- 1861-65: US Civil War
- 1866: the unification of Italy
- 1871: the unification of Germany
- 1886: the Statue of Liberty is erected (six years later, Dvořák and his family sail past it into New York Harbor)
- 1894: Nicholas II becomes the last Tsar of Russia
- 1898: Austrian Empress Elisabeth is assassinated by an Italian anarchist
- 1899-1902: the Boer War in South Africa
- 1901: The Victorian Era ends with the death of Queen Victoria; she is succeeded by Edward VII
- 1901: US President William McKinley is assassinated; he is succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt
Can you imagine what it would have been like to be a journalist? Even a diligent reader of newspapers would be amazed at many of these events!
--Betsy Schwarm

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